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Tenant Screening

Get comprehensive screening on every adult that applies to live in your home.

As an owner one of the most important decisions you will make is who you let live in your home. Having a complete picture of each applicant is absolutely key in having a successful renter, that is why each of our applicants is put through a rigorous 10-point background check. Working with Metropolitan Real Estate you will have access to background check features not available to private owners. 

We run a comprehensive screening on every adult that is applying to live in your home and put them all through a 10-point screening process that includes:

  1. Income verification
  2. Past rental history verification
  3. Rent Bureau rental payment history
  4. Global terrorist search from 6 different bureaus
  5. Criminal, Traffic, and Infraction records
    1. US, Superscan (Multi State)
    2. AZ Federal (Comprehensive)
  6. Sex Offender records search
  7. Court Eviction search
  8. TransUnion Credit risk summery
  9. Credit Report Summery
  10. Bankruptcy and Judgment search
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Tenant Screening FAQs

Who approves the applicant to move in?
You! Our expert team will put together a full screening report for you to review once complete and at your discretion you can approve or deny the applicant.

Do I need to interact with the applicant?
No, once approved or denied our team will handle all the details from securing deposits setting move in dates and times, we take care of it all.

Does the application cost me anything?
No, to ensure we are getting quality and serious applicants, the applicant is responsible for paying for the application.


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By frequently visiting every home in our portfolio for inspection visits, we're able to catch potential problems well in advance, providing unbeatable peace of mind

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Tenant Screening

Our proprietary InSight tenant screening system ensures only highly qualified renters are placed in your property. In fact, we've never had to evict a tenant, ever.