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Screen Tenants

Find & Screen tenants that will pay on time and maintain your property. 

Maintain Properties

Confront maintenance issues on the spot and arrange trusted vendors to perform repair work.

Market Properties

Advertise & market your properties to qualified buyers on premium sites.

Perform Inspections

Meticulously inspect your asset on a regular basis to ensure your property is being maintained. 

Manage Accounting

Manage your property’s financial statements, collections & disbursements.

Collect Rent

Collect rent. Manage unexpected HOA/ City violations & charge accordingly. 

Handle Evictions

Handle the eviction process and all of the legal paperwork thereafter.

Garnish Wages

If a tenant destroys your property, our in-house attorney will garnish taxes & income.

Not having enough time to SPEND WITH YOUR FAMILY IS A PROBLEM

Our simplistic MANAGEMENT service is your solution

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