Mantaining Your Home You take care of the little Stuff Although minor repairs are your financial responsibility, we will assist you in determining the best course of action to resolve the problem. We can either schedule your maintenance request with one of our skilled service technicians or refer you to Thumbtack or Angie’s list. If we complete a maintenance request that is considered your financial responsibility the charges for the repair will be added to your account and must be paid with the following month’s rent. You are responsible for minor repairs and the routine upkeep ofyour home. We appreciate your care: • Routine pest control for all indoor and outdoor critters. • Supply and changing of heating and air conditioning filter at least once every three months. • Testing smoke alarms monthly. • Replacement of burned out light bulbs fluorescent tubes, smoke alarm and thermostat batteries. • Maintain a smoke free home and premises. • Proper disposal of trash, waste, garbage and yard clippings . • Report mold and mildew for prevention. • Report any leaks, HVAC issues, musty orders or discoloration of walls, window frames and ceiling immediately. • Repair of clogged drains and toilets, except when caused by roots or structural breakdowns. • Lawn Maintenance Maintain watering, fertilization, weeding, bush & plants trimming, mowing, blowing, external washing, and small tree trimming. • Pool Maintenance. Need Help? Contact Metropolitan for Questions & Referrals 602-912-9000 7