Welcome Package “They’re more than keys to your new place, these are the keys to a happier and more comfortable life” Starting today, you get to enjoy all of the benefits of having a home without the obligations of owning one. Thisguidewillhelpyoutogetsettledinandwillprovideguidanceandanswers to some of your initial questions. We have included instructions, policies, and tips to make your experience of renting a home a great one. Any Question or concerns that you have about your lease agreement can be directed to our office and we will promptly respond : Main Number 602-912-9000 customercare@metrowb.com Maintenance 602-283-4664 maintenance@metrowb.com Accounting 602-374-4725 accounting@metrowb.com Legal 602-388-8089 legal@metrowb.com HOA Issues 602-374-2976 hoa@Metrowb.com Emergency 602-388-8081 emergency@metrowb.com 1