CIty & HOA Rules Understanding Your Landscaping Responsibilities Amajorbenefit ofrenting a single familyhome is having private outdoor space. In fact, access to outdoor space is often a major reason that people choose to live in a home. It is important to keep in mind that while there are many benefits to having outdoor space, it also comes with some additional responsibilities. Proper landscape care improves the appearance of the home, reduces HOA and municipal fines, helps control pests, and prevents damage to the home. Resident Landscaping Responsibilities General Yard Care • Mow lawn regularly, as needed. • Water lawn and plants to keep them healthy. • Trim tree branches below 8 feet in height. • Trim hedges and shrubs at least 1 foot away from the home. • Remove weeds from all flower beds and hardscape areas. • Fertilize as needed. • Rake and dispose of leaves and other debris. • Clean up any pet waste quickly. Making Changes to Landscaping We recognize that part of making our house your home is creating your own outdoor environment. Residents are allowed to make changes to the landscaping with approval from their property manager. Landscaping Maintenance Service Requests Ifyou observe any safety concerns or non-functioning sprinkler system equipment promptly create a service work order to submit a service request. 14