City & HOA Rules Keeping Your Neighborhood Beautiful At Metropolitan, our goal is to provide our residents with an outstanding living experience. We also work hard to deliver our full expectations to our residents, especially those living in a Home Owner Association Community. Below are the most common issues that local Home Owner Associations often send warnings to our residents for. Please stay proactive on the items listed below to avoid common violations. Your CC&Rs may differ, but some examples of standard CC&R points of interest include items such as: - Grass/Weeds Please maintain landscape. This includes mowing, trimming, and weeding. - Driveway/Sidewalk These areas need to stay presentable without signs of weeds, graffiti or any other signs of despair. - Oil Stains Please make sure your vehicle is properly maintained and not leaking oil. - Parking Please park in appropriate areas for all vehicles. Keep in mind that this may vary for personal, recreational, or commercial vehicles. Make sure to double check with your Community Manager for specific parking details. Vehicles parked in the yard, street or on sidewalks are subject to towing at owner’s expense and/or violation and fines. 12