Submitting Service Requests Maintenance Survey At the conclusion of each service request, we ask our residents to complete an electronic survey to rate the service we performed. Your feedback is important to help us continually improve our service department and ensure we are meeting the expectations of our Residents. Swimming Pool (If Applicable) Our swimming pools are serviced and maintained by our professional poolservice companysubject to the guidelines below.The poolservice company will call you after move in and let you know when they will be coming. It is critical that our residents: - Ensure the pool technician has access to your pool on the day of the scheduled service. If they are not able to service the pool because of dogs, a lock on the gate, etc. and the pool turns green, the resident will be responsible for the cost to recover the pool. - We strongly advise that our residents not touch the pool equipment (filter, pump, timer, etc.) On the day the pool is serviced, the technician may leave the pump running after he leaves. This is necessary in order for the new chemicals to circulate and disperse as intended. Residents should never adjust the setting on the timer! The pool pump must run a certain number of hours in the summer, usually 8-12 hours every night depending on the size of your pool, and less in the winter. The pool technician will adjust the timer according to the time of the year. The timer should be set to run overnight. If this is not the case or if there are issues with pool operability and chemicals, please let your pool service technician know or submit a service request. 11