Submitting Service Requests Maintenance To schedule a maintenance request Online to login to the Tenant login. For urgent issues, callyour local maintenance number. How to Submit a Request as a Resident 1. Login to your Property Meld Account. 2. Click on the “+ New Meld” button at the top-right of your screen: 3. Simply enter your request information including: • Brief Description. • Location (where in the property is the issue). • Category (your best guess of the type of issue). • Related to a past meld (if this is a 2nd request on a problem). • Unit (pre-filled in with your options). • Detailed Description. • Do You Need to Be Present (check YES if you want to participate in the scheduling). 4. Then click ‘+CREATE’! Viola!. Emergency Line to be used for Major water Leaks Blocked, or damaged sewer water pipes and Fires. Must Make All Repair Requests Online Through Website Resident Log In: http:/ / 10