Submitting Service Requests Resident Damage - Repairs determined to be the result of resident caused damage will be back charged to the Resident Ledger. Missed Appointments - Residents may be charged a trip fee for failure to be present during the agreed upon scheduled date and time. Resident Responsibility Items - There are certain items deemed to be the responsibility of our residents as noted in this Welcome Packet. These items willnot be dispatched and areyour responsibility pursuant to your lease agreement. Metropolitan Semi-Annual Maintenance Service As a Metropolitan resident, you receive the benefit of our Proactive Maintenance Program which was developed with you in mind. It ensures every aspect of your home is in continuous working order and provides you the carefree living that leasing with Metropolitan offers. As part of this program, we perform proactive maintenance visits on all homes twice a year. You will be called to schedule each visit. Our first visit occurs approximately 6-8 weeks following your move in and is designed to fix any minor maintenance needs that you have identified since moving in to your home. This visit includes an operational inspection of several features of your home including: • HVAC system • Plumbing system • Water heater • Smoke detectors • Appliances • Window operability During proactive maintenance visits, our technician will need access to all rooms in the home with these features, in order to conduct a proper assessment. Our visits will continue on a rotational basis approximately every 6 to 9 months to ensure a positive, safe and hassle-free leasing experience by minimizing the likelihood of unwanted maintenance emergencies. Please keep track of any minor maintenance requests you may have. These requests will be addressed at each of your scheduled maintenance visits. 9