Trish Don Francesco


Trish is the President & CEO of Metropolitan Financial Corporation and the multiple companies that fall under its corporate umbrella. She has founded and overseen the growth and development of several million-dollar companies in industries such as Real Estate, Property Management, Investments, and Mortgage Banking. Prior to forming Metropolitan, Trish worked as a Real Estate Broker and a Loan Officer.

In her current executive management positions, she oversees the planning, organization, staffing, and operations for several companies. She develops and manages the implementation of marketing and leasing strategies, and formulates expense budgets of upwards of millions of dollars.

But beyond her business credentials, Trish is the heart and soul of Metropolitan’s many endeavors. Her attention to detail, both small and big picture, makes her in tune with every working part of the business. She has a true passion for people, and builds teams of dedicated employees. She is intimately involved with the company’s day-to-day operations, and has created a business culture devoted to helping others.

Tom Steinheiser

Property Manager & Director of Operations

Tom is the Property Manager & Director of Operations for Metropolitan Real Estate. He joined the company in July of 2004 as Metropolitan was in the midst of a 350-unit condo conversion project. Tom coordinated the financing for this project and was responsible for originating over $45M+ in purchase money mortgages over the following three years.

As the housing market collapsed, Tom focused on increasing Metropolitan’s property management portfolio to over 1,700 units by attracting investors interested in purchasing distressed, single family homes. As Institutional Investors became aware of the incredible opportunity the greater Phoenix market offered, Tom’s acquisition team purchased, renovated, leased, and sold over 2,300 homes over the next 48 to 55 months. He and his team focused on identifying desirable properties, estimating repair costs, and evaluating specific local rental markets in order to achieve the highest ROI possible for Metropolitan’s investors.

Currently, Tom’s team is back in acquisitions mode - purchasing single family residences. Once rehabbed and tenanted, these high performing assets will be offered as turnkey rental home portfolios. In addition, the team is resetting rent rates throughout Metropolitan’s Investors’ portfolios to reflect the increased market rate. His team continuously works at minimizing expenses so Investors’ assets consistently return maximum profits.

Tim Anspach

Leasing authority for Metropolitan Real Estate

Tim acts as Leasing Manager for Metropolitan Real Estate, and first joined the company back in 2009. He underwrites all the leases for the rental units, submits them to the owners, and gathers information on tenants to catalog in the online system. Tim also works side by side with Tom Steinheiser on the organization’s sales and purchases.

Tim writes and executes up to 25 new leases each month, and over 50 lease renewals. He maintains an 86% lease renewal rate on his properties, and tracks all relevant information about each rental unit. He has been in real estate since 2008, and has worked in multiple areas from luxury sales to short term rentals.

Justin Savage

Asset Management Associate

Justin has been with Metropolitan since 2012, and is the company’s Asset Management Maintenance Associate for vacant properties. He personally oversees all maintenance staff, and is continuously looking for new procedures to implement to ensure maximum productivity and quality control for our owners. In addition, Justin plans, budgets and completes all property renovations.

Holly Hill

In her role as Accounting Manager, Holly brings over 15 years of experience in accounting and property management to the team. She has been with Metropolitan since 2011, and manages all owner financial reporting, maintenance of accounting records, and management of finance and accounting operations. Holly works diligently to assure our owners’ accounts are handled promptly and accurately, and also provides support to owners and tenants to access and make payments through their online portals.

Lorena Mayorquin

HOA & Collections Administrator

Lorena is a vital member of the HOA & Collections Department, and has been with Metropolitan since 2015. She serves as our HOA & Collections Account Manager, and is responsible for all related transactions and documentation. She is actively involved in assisting our tenants with any questions they might have, as well as receiving their payments and handling any open charges. She truly cares about her tenants and owners, and is meticulous in ensuring their accounts are timely and accurate at all times.

Leo Morales

Leo is the newest member of the Maintenance Department, and joined Metropolitan in January of 2016. He has over 15 years of experience in real estate, operations, banking, and property liquidations, and serves as the company’s Asset Management Maintenance Associate for occupied properties. Leo coordinates with tenants and vendors to ensure repair and maintenance requests are handled in a timely manner, and completed as required.