On rental history, applicant must have 6 months of positive rental history within the past 24 months. When no rental history exists, an additional deposit is required. A criminal background check must be approved before further approval consideration is given. 4. Income. Gross income for all applicants in one home will be combined and entered into the credit-scoring model for income eligibility. All applicants will be asked to produce consecutive and most-recent pay stubs for the last 4 weeks from Application Date. Applicants must have a minimum combined gross income of 3 times the monthly rent. Additional sources of verifiable income may be considered, and sources may include: child support, grants, pensions, GI benefits, disability, trust funds, social security and savings accounts. (The applicant must supply six current consecutive months of bank statements if any of the additional sources of income listed above cannot be provided directly from the supplier.) Some credit scoring results will necessitate further income verification. In such instances, verification with employer will be completed or applicant may be asked to produce additional financial statements/records. 5. Employment. If applicant is to begin work shortly, the applicant must provide a “letter of intent” to hire from the employer with a start date within 30 days of move in date. 6. Self-Employment, Retired or Unemployed. Such applicants must provide the previous year’s income tax return and the most recent full month’s bank statements, or twelve months of financial statements and must exhibit no negative references. Seasonal employment must be verified by providing the prior year’s tax return. Resident Aproval Guidelines