Lease Agreement lease Produced with zipForm® by zipLogix 18070 Fifteen M ile Road, Fraser, Michigan 48026 m Residential Lease Agreement>> Page 6 of 8 242. Construction of Language: The language of this Lease Agreement shall be construed according to its fair meaning and not 243. strictlyforor againsteither party. All singular and plural wordsshall be interpreted to refer to the number consistent with circumstances 244. and context. 245. Court Modification: If any provision of this Lease Agreement is found by a court to be invalid, illegal or vague, the parties agree 246. that such provision shall be modified or stricken by the court to the minimum extent deemed necessary to make it valid, legal and 247. enforceable and that all other provisions of this Lease Agreement shall remain in full force and effect. 248. Days: All references to days in this Lease Agreement shall be construed as calendar days and a day shall begin at 12:00 a.m. 249. and end at 11:59 p.m. 250. Notices: Unless otherwise provided for by statute or by agreement of the parties, all notices herein shall be in writing and shall 251. be delivered to Landlord at the address set forth herein and to Tenant at the Premises and shall be sent by registered or cer- 252. tified mail, or personally delivered. Such notice shall be deemed received on the date the notice is actually received or five 253. (5) days after the date the notice is mailed by registered or certified mail, whichever occurs first. 254. Additional Terms: 255. 1) Any Uncollected amounts at the end of the agreement; tenant agrees to have balance 256. satisfied within 30 days or be subject to collections along with collection fees & an 257. interest rate of 18% until satisfied in full. 258. 2) Required Insurance: Landlord, Owner, or Manager does not maintain insurance to cover 259. personal property of the Tenant(s) or personal injury to Tenant(s), their guests or 260. occupants. Tenant(s) is required to obtain rental insurance in the amount of $300,000 261. public liability & $50,000 property damage from whatever cause to his person or property 262. or person/property of those on the premises with his consent. Tenant(s) is responsible 263. to obtain insurance within 7 days of residing in the premises and will indemnify and 264. hold all other parties harmless from all claims arising from any such injury or damage. 265. 3) Pets are for tenants authorized & approved to reside in the dwelling. No pets are 266. allowed for guests, sitting purposes, or fostering. If pets are allowed, Renter's 267. Insurance shall include clauses for damage caused by pets & not have any dog bite 268. exclusions or other limitations. Landlord reserves the right to amend policy & provide 269. 30 day notice to comply. Service Animal documentation must be provided at Move-In. 270. Failure to comply will cause the Non-Refundable Pet Deposit to apply. No Exceptions 271. Tenant Acknowledgment: By signing below, Tenant acknowledges that: (i) A free copy of the Arizona Residential Landlord 272. and Tenant Act is available through the Arizona Department of Housing; (ii) Landlord shall furnish upon move-in, a move-in 273. form for specifying any existing damages to the Premises and Tenant shall return the completed move-in form to Landlord 274. within five (5) days or 2 Days days of occupancy or Tenant accepts the Premises in its existing condition; (iii) 275. Tenant is hereby notified that Tenant is entitled to be present at the move-out inspection; (iv) Tenant understands and 276. agrees to the terms and conditions of this Lease Agreement, and acknowledges a receipt of a copy of all (eight) 8 pages of 277. the Lease Agreement and any addenda. 278. INDEMNITY AND RELEASE: THE PARTIES TO THIS LEASE AGREEMENT AGREE TO INDEMNIFY AND HOLD HARMLESS 279. BROKERS, PROPERTY MANAGERS, AND ANY OF THEIR RESPECTIVE AGENTS, REPRESENTATIVES OR EMPLOYEES 280. FROM ANY LOSS, CLAIM, LIABILITY OR EXPENSE ARISING FROM INJURY TO ANY PERSON OR DAMAGE TO OR 281. LOSS OF ANY PROPERTY, IN ANY WAY CAUSED BY THE PARTIES AND TENANT'S FAMILY, GUESTS, INVITEES, 282. AGENTS, PETS OR OTHERS UNDER THEIR CONTROL. 283. (LANDLORD'S INITIALS REQUIRED) LANDLORD LANDLORD 284. (TENANT'S INITIALSREQUIRED) TENANT TENANT 285. Terms of Acceptance: This offer will become a binding lease agreement when acceptance is signed by Landlord and a signed 286. copy delivered in person, by mail, facsimile or electronically, and received by Broker on behalf of Tenant if applicable, or 287. by Tenant no later than , at a.m. p.m., Mountain Standard Time. Tenant may 288. withdraw this offer at any time prior to receipt of Landlord's signed acceptance. If no signed acceptance is received by this date and 289. time, this offer shall be deemed withdrawn. >> Residential Lease Agreement • Updated: February 2014 Copyright © 2014 Arizona Association of REALTORS®. All rights reserved. LANDLORD LANDLORD Page 6 of 8 TENANT TENANT SAMPLE