Lease Agreement lease Produced with zipForm® by zipLogix 18070 Fifteen M ile Road, Fraser, Michigan 48026 m Residential Lease Agreement>> Page 4 of 8 X X 137. make repairs,or otherwise requires Landlord to take action as required by the ARLTA, including, but not limited to any moisture con- 138. ditions from any source, leaks, evidence of mold/mildew, or of any inoperative mechanical, plumbing or electrical system or compo- 139. nent thereof. In the event Tenant notifies Landlord in writing of any condition requiring Landlord to make repairs or perform 140. maintenance, such notice shall constitute permission from Tenant for Landlord to enter the Premises for the sole purpose of mak- 141. ing the repairs or performing the maintenance requested. If Tenant fails to comply with such requirements, Landlord may make nec- 142. essary repairs and submit a bill to Tenant subject to the provisions of the ARLTA. Tenant also agrees to replace furnace filters, air 143. conditioning filters, light bulbs, water filters and smoke alarm and/or carbon monoxide detector batteries as frequently as conditions 144. require, or as otherwise provided. Landlord agrees to maintain the Premises as provided in the ARLTA and shall comply with the 145. requirements of applicable building codes, homeowners’ association or other rules and regulations, make all repairs necessary to 146. keep the Premises in a fit and habitable condition. 147. Rules and Law: Tenant has either received a copy of any rules, regulations, covenants, conditions and restrictions, homeowners' 148. association rules, ordinances, and laws ("Rules and Law") concerning the Premises, or has made an independent investigation 149. of the applicability of any such Rules and Law to Tenant's use of the Premises. If the homeowners' association, state, county, 150. municipal or other governmental bodies adopt new ordinances, rules or other legal provisions affecting this lease Agreement, 151. Landlord may make immediate amendments to bring this Lease Agreement into compliance with the law. In such event, the Landlord 152. agrees to give Tenant notice that this Lease Agreement has been amended and shall provide a brief description of the amendment 153. and the effective date. 154. Compliance with Rules and Law: Landlord and Tenant agree to comply with the applicable Rules and Law concerning the 155. Premises. Tenant agrees to supervise other occupants, family, guests, invitees, or other persons under Tenant’s control to ensure 156. their compliance with the Rules and Law and shall be responsible for any actions of the foregoing who violate this Lease Agreement 157. or the applicable Rules and Law. Tenant shall immediately notify Landlord upon receipt of any notice of violation and shall pay any 158. fines or penalties assessed by any governing body as a result of Tenant’s noncompliance with Rules and Law. 159. (TENANT'S INITIALSREQUIRED) TENANT TENANT 160. Crime-Free Provision: Tenant, occupants, family, guests, invitees, or other persons under Tenant’s control shall not engage in or facil- 161. itate: (i) any acts involving imminent or actual serious property damage as defined by law; (ii) any criminal activity (state, federal or 162. other municipality), including drug-related criminal activity, any act of violence or threats of violence, other illegal activity, including 163. prostitution,criminal street gang activity, threatening orintimidating, unlawful discharge of firearms, or assault; (iii) jeopardize the health, 164. safety and welfare of Tenants, Landlord, Landlord’s representatives, agents or others. 165. VIOLATION OF THIS PROVISION SHALL CONSTITUTE A MATERIAL AND IRREPARABLE VIOLATION OF THIS LEASE 166. AGREEMENT AND CAUSE FOR IMMEDIATE TERMINATION OF THE TENANCY. 167. Swimming Pool Barrier Regulations: Tenant agrees to investigate all applicable state, county, and municipal Swimming 168. Pool Barrier Regulations and agrees to comply with said regulations while occupying the Premises, unless otherwise agreed 169. in writing. If the Premises contains a swimming pool, Tenant acknowledges receipt of the Arizona Department of Health 170. Services approved private pool safety notice. Landlord and Tenant expressly relieve and indemnify brokers from any and all liability 171. and responsibility for compliance with any applicable pool barrier laws and regulations. 172. (TENANT'S INITIALSREQUIRED) TENANT TENANT 173. Lead-based Paint Disclosure: If the Premises were built prior to 1978, the Landlord shall: (i) notify the Tenant of any known 174. lead-based paint ("LBP") or LBP hazards in the Premises; (ii) provide the Tenant with any LBP risk assessments or inspections of 175. the Premises in the Landlord's possession; (iii) provide the Tenant with the Disclosure of Information on Lead-based Paint and 176. Lead-based Paint Hazards, and any report, records, pamphlets, and/or other materials referenced therein, including the 177. pamphlet "Protect Your Family from Lead in Your Home" (collectively "LBP Information"). 178. The Premises were constructed prior to 1978 and Tenant has received and executed the Disclosure of Information on 179. Lead-based Paint and Lead-based Paint Hazards, and has received any reports, records, pamphlets, and/or other materials 180. referenced therein, including the pamphlet "Protect Your Family from Lead in Your Home." 181. (TENANT'S INITIALSREQUIRED) TENANT TENANT 182. 183. Premises were constructed in 1978 or later. 184. OR (TENANT'S INITIALSREQUIRED) TENANT TENANT 185. Smoke Detectors: The Premises does does not contain smoke detector(s). If yes, Tenant shall maintain the 186. detector(s) in working condition, change batteries and notify Landlord if the detector is not working properly or missing from 187. the Premises. 188. Carbon Monoxide Detectors: The Premises does does not contain carbon monoxide detector(s). If yes, Tenant shall 189. maintain the detector(s) in working condition, change batteries and notify Landlord if the detector is not working properly or 190. missing from the Premises. >> Residential Lease Agreement • Updated: February 2014 Copyright © 2014 Arizona Association of REALTORS®. All rights reserved. LANDLORD LANDLORD Page 4 of 8 TENANT TENANT SAMPLE