Tour available homes on your schedule. Ourleasingteamisstandingbytotakeyourcall,butifyouwanttoaccelerate your search, you can Let yourself In to our homes without an agent. Once authorized, you are given access to a specialized electronic lockbox to unlock the front door yourself. No appointment is necessary before heading out to your first tour. We will verify your identity through your I.D, and once your phone is authorized, you can access most available homes seven days a week, on your schedule. Our leasing technology takes the hassle out of house hunting. 1. Search for homes that fit your rental criteria on the www. website. Most available homes will feature a button to Let Yourself In. 2. Just click that blue button, enter your contact I.D information to secureyourreservation, andyouwillreceive a text message with a passcode to open the lockbox. You can register to tour any access-enabled home from your computer, tablet or smartphone. 3.Tourthehomeatyourconvenienceandonyourschedule. Visit our website to find other nearby homes available for touring, or fill out the online application and move forward with signing a lease. Let Yourself IN