Lease Agreement Residential Lease Agreement>> Page 3 of 8 lease Produced with zipForm® by zipLogix 18070 Fifteen M ile Road, Fraser, Michigan 48026 m X X X X 85. No refundable deposit shall be transferred from the Broker’s Trust Account to anyone other than Tenant without ten (10) calendar days’ 86. Written notice to Tenant. If deposits are held by Landlord, Tenant and Landlord agree to hold Broker harmless of all liability regardingsaid 87. deposits. If the Premises are surrendered to Landlord at the terminationor expiration of this Lease Agreement in a clean and undamaged 88. condition acceptable to Landlord, Landlord shall return the refundable deposits to Tenant within the time period provided for in the ARLTA. 89. However, if the Premises are delivered to Landlord in an unclean, damaged or unacceptable condition, Landlord shall be entitled to 90. retain all or a portion of the refundable deposits and hold Tenant liable for any additional charges. 91. Application/Credit/Background Contingency: A credit/background report(s) application fee of $35 per adult 92. is due by separate payment and is non-refundable. This Lease Agreement is contingent on satisfactory verification and 93. approval by Landlord of Tenant's employment, credit, banking references, income, past rental history, and criminal and/or 94. other background check(s) prior to possession. Tenant consents to these credit/background check(s) by Landlord or Broker. 95. Tenant shall complete a separate rental and/or credit application containing all the required information. Tenant warrants 96. that the information is correct and complete and that Tenant has disclosed all pertinent information and has not withheld 97. any information, including, but not limited to, poor credit, early terminations of leases, evictions or bankruptcy. Tenant's 98. material falsification of any information provided to Landlord shall entitle Landlord to terminate this Lease Agreement and 99. pursue all applicable remedies, damages, court costs and reasonable attorneys' fees. The credit history of Tenant with 100. respect to this Lease Agreement may be reported to any credit bureau or reporting agency. 101. Pets (including, but not limited to animals, fish, reptiles or birds): Assistive and service animals are not considered "pets." 102. No pets allowed. Tenant agrees not to keep or permit any pets on the Premises without prior written consent of the Landlord. 103. Landlord hereby grants Tenant permission to keep the following described pet(s) on the Premises: 104. and Tenant 105. is required is not required to maintain a liability insurance policy to cover any liability incurred due to pets with a 106. minimum of $ 300,000.00 coverage and cause Landlord to become an "additional insured" under the policy. 107. Keys: Landlord agrees to deliver to Tenant keys for Premises: 1 Door Pool Mail Box 108. Entry Gate Other: and garage door openers upon possession. 109. Tenant shall pay Rent and shall remain responsible for the security of the Premises until all keys and garage door open- 110. ers have been physically returned to Landlord/Property Manager/Authorized Representative or otherwise satisfactorily 111. accounted for by Tenant. Leaving keys/garage door opener/entry gate opener in or on the Premises will not be considered 112. returned unless expressly authorized by Landlord in writing. Tenant agrees to pay all costs related to replacing lost or unre- 113. turned keys and/or garage door/entry gate openers. Tenant shall not change the locks or add a deadbolt lock without 114. Landlord’s written consent. Tenant acknowledges that unless otherwise provided herein, Premises have not been re-keyed. 115. Utilities: Tenant agrees to arrange, and pay for when due, all utilities except: 116. 117. Association: Premises is located within a community association(s): Yes No If yes, explain: 118. 119. Association Dues: If applicable, homeowners’ and other association dues and assessments shall be paid by Landlord. 120. Maintenance Responsibility: The following shall be the responsibility of the party indicated: 121. A. Pool Maintenance: 122. Cleaning/Routine Maintenance: Landlord Tenant Association Not applicable 123. Pool Chemicals: Landlord Tenant Association Not applicable 124. B. Routine Pest Control: Landlord Tenant Association Not applicable 125. C. Yard Maintenance: 126. Front Yard: Landlord Tenant Association Not applicable 127. Back Yard: Landlord Tenant Association Not applicable 128. D. Other: Landlord Tenant Association Not applicable 129. Upkeep of the Premises: Tenant has completed all desired physical, environmental or other inspections and investigations of the 130. Premises and is satisfied with the physical condition, except as otherwise noted in writing. Tenant shall maintain the Premises in a 131. neat and undamaged condition and, in particular, shall comply with applicable provisions of building codes, homeowners' association 132. or other rules and regulations; maintain the Premises in a clean and safe condition; dispose of all ashes, rubbish, garbage and other 133. waste; keep and use all plumbing and electrical, sanitary, heating, ventilating and air conditioning facilities and elevators and other 134. facilities and appliances in a clean and reasonable manner; and generally conduct themselves and others in their charge, including 135. pets, in a manner so as not to disturb their neighbors or in any way, deface, damage, impair or otherwise destroy any part of the 136. Premises. Tenant shall immediately notify Landlord of any situation or occurrence that requires the Landlord to provide maintance, >> Residential Lease Agreement • Updated: February 2014 Copyright © 2014 Arizona Association of REALTORS®. All rights reserved. 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