Verifications REQUEST FOR VERIFICATION OF RENT OR MORTGAGE We have received an application for a loan from the applicant listed below, to whom we understand you rent or have extended a loan. INSTRUCTIONS: LENDER- Complete items 1 thru 8. Have applicant(s) complete item 9. Forward directly to lender named in item 1. LANDLORD/CREDITOR- Please complete Part II as applicable. Sign and return directly to the lender named in item 2. PART I - REQUEST 1.TO (Name and address of Landlord/Creditor) 2. FROM (Name and address of lender) 3.SIGNATURE OF LENDER 4. TITLE 5.DATE 6.LENDERS NUMBER 7. INFORMATION TO BE VERIFIED _____MORTGAGE _____LAND CONTRACT _____RENTAL _____OTHER ________________ PROPERTY ADDRESS ACCOUNT IN THE NAME OF: ACCOUNT NO. 8.NAME AND ADDRESS OF APPLICANT(S) 9. SIGNATURE OF APPLICANT(S) PART II – TO BE COMPLETED BY LANDLORD/CREDITOR ____MORTGAGE ACCOUNT ____ LAND CONTRACT RENTAL ACCOUNT Tenant has rented since ______________________ To _____________________ Amount of rent $ _________ per ______________ Is rent in arrears ? Yes ________ No ___________ Number of times 30 days past due* ____________ Is account satisfactory ? Yes _______ No________ _________________________________________ Date mortgage originated ________________ Original mortgage amount $ ______________ Current mortgage balance $ ______________ Monthly Payment P & I only $ ____________ Payment with taxes and ins. $ _____________ Is mortgage current ? Yes______ No_______ Is mortgage assumable ? Yes_____ No ______ Satisfactory account ? Yes ______ No ______ Interest rate ___________________________ FIXED_____________ ARM_____________ FHA_______________ VA_______________ FNMA_____________ CONV____________ Next pay date _________________________ No of late payments*___________________ Insurance agent: _______________________ _____________________________________ * Number of times account has been 30 days overdue in the last 12 months ADDITIONAL INFORMATION WHICH MAY BE OF ASSISTANCE IN DETERMINING APPLICANT(S) CREDIT WORTHINESS SIGNATURE OF CREDITOR TITLE DATE The confidentiality of the information you have furnished will be preserved except where disclosure of this information is requires by applicable law. The form is to be transmitted directly to the lender and is not to be transmitted through the applicant or any other party. GFI- form VOM rev. 6-5-2002 FORM 9 1