When a Lease Application is submitted, applicants must provide a Holding Fee of $450 per home, which reserves your home. The Holding Fee will reserve the home for you, but does not create or guaranty anyright to occupancyof the home. Please note that homes can only be held for 15 days from date of application approval. By submitting the Holding Fee, you acknowledge and agree in good faith: 1 That if your Lease Application is approved. you intend to rent the home by the Proposed Lease Start Date. 2 The Holding Fee. will be applied to the first month is rent upon Move-in. 3 The Holding Fee will only be returned if: A: Any applicant’s completed Lease Application is denied. B: The home is not ready for you to move-in by the Proposed Lease Start Date and you decide not to rent it, or wait for it to be completed. The Holding Fees are Refundable until it is Approved. You are encouraged to review a Lease Agreement Example prior to paying the Holding Fee. The Holding Fee is also non-refundable if you decide not to lease the home or fail to submit a complete application within three (3) business days of the date you submitted the application. If your Lease Application is cancelled After Approval the Holding Fee will not be returned. Return of funds in one of these situations will occur within 30 days, depending on the method of payment and financial institution. Holding fees